Crater Lake

First things first, when we left the redwoods on Sunday, we headed north into Oregon to a Harvest Hosts location, Aranaway Farm.  It was amazing.  It was mostly a horse farm, but there were also a couple of cows and some sheep and a goat.  Many of the animals had free reign of the farm, …

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Two Months. How is it Going?

We have been on the road for two months today, so we thought we would reflect a bit and check in with how we feel like it has gone so far.  We also asked some of our family and friends what questions they have for us, so we will get to some of those, too.  …

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Zion National Park

On Wednesday we said goodbye to Page and headed north to Zion National Park.  This is the first time on this adventure that we are visiting somewhere we have been before.  In 2020, we did a tour of Utah’s Mighty Five National Parks with some friends (Hi, Matt and Deven!  We miss you on this …

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