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Land Between the Lakes
Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area is a long strip of land that sits between Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake in western Kentucky and Tennessee.  Outdoor recreation...
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Mammoth Cave National Park
We are wrapping up a few days at Mammoth Cave National Park in southern Kentucky.  Since it is somewhat close to home, we have been here several times before, and because it is one...
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A Quick Florida Trip
What have we been up to lately?  The short answer is that we have both returned to full-time work and we are also working hard to keep up with the YouTube channel.  Our goal is always...
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Wrap Up - Our Year in Review
Well, we made it back to our home in Kentucky a little over a week ago. With our year(ish) adventure at an end, it is time to reflect on and wrap-up some of the statistics about the...
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Cloudland Canyon State Park
It seems that every time we have two days to explore a place, one of those days is rainy and a complete washout.  That was today in Cloudland Canyon State Park in northwestern...
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A Little Family Time
After almost 11 months of continuous and spectacular travel, we were overdue for some family time.  We will be returning home to Kentucky very soon, but first, we have some family...
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