On the Road…Full-Time?!

After years of camping during weekends, yearly vacations, and every other opportunity we could ever muster, we decided in January of 2023 to take the plunge and try out full-time RV life. This blog will follow our travels through the good, bad, and ugly of two people living in 210 square feet as we tour The United States and Canada.

We also have a YouTube channel, Alaskan Ram Travel Adventures. We hope you will check it out and follow along both on YouTube and on this blog to travel along with us!

Here is a tour of our current rig! Check out our other videos, too!

Our Bigfoot camping map at the start of the trip!

2 thoughts on “On the Road…Full-Time?!”

  1. Wow, it looks like you guys are having a great time.
    Looking forward to following you on your adventures.
    Have a great time and be safe.

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