The Myrtles Plantation

After leaving The Natchez Trace, we needed a place to stay for the night on our way to Texas, so we turned to Harvest Hosts.  For those of you who aren’t campers, Harvest Hosts is a membership you can purchase that has a network of businesses (breweries, wineries, farms, etc.) that will allow you to camp on their property.  We have utilized this membership several times and all have been great experiences!  Our favorite so far, has been The Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, LA!

Y’all, this place is gorgeous and everyone there was so welcoming and seemed genuinely happy to have us there.  The history of this place goes back to the 1700s and it is said to be “one of America’s most haunted homes.”  We didn’t see any ghosts while we were there (dang it!) but we did see beautiful grounds including massive live oaks, a duck pond complete with ducks, fun twinkling lights in the trees, a restaurant, a coffee shop, and of course, the stunning plantation house. 

The restaurant was closed while we were there, but we did pick up breakfast in the coffee shop and highly recommend the biscuits and gravy and the breakfast sandwich.  Our tour of the house was great, too.  If you are ever there and take the tour, I hope you get Connie as your tour guide.  She was so informative and animated.  It is clear that she loves the plantation and loves her job!

It can be so easy when traveling to only hit the big spots and see the highly talked about and recommended attractions, but we are trying hard to think outside the box.  We will always hit the National Parks and other well-loved places, but are also trying to keep an open mind about the hidden gems, like The Myrtles Plantation, that we never would have thought about visiting.

Until next time!

We added Louisiana!

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