Still Heading North

The last few days for us have been pretty quiet.  We are continuing to make our way north and have done a little bit of sightseeing, but haven’t been to any major destinations or done much hiking.

When we left Crater Lake RV Park, we made our way to Erickson Aircraft Collection in Madras, OR, another Harvest Hosts location.  The Collection and Harvest Hosts guests parking area was located adjacent to an airport and we had great views of the runway, parked aero tankers, and the Cascade Mountains.  It was a very peaceful place to spend the night, and fun in the morning to watch some small aircraft take off and land.  We also really enjoyed browsing through the Aircraft Collection Museum.  Neither of us know much about airplanes, but it was an extensive collection, mostly of WWII era aircraft, and we really enjoyed learning about them.  It was even more fascinating to find out that most of the aircraft in the collection still fly!  This was also a nice setting to film a tour of the Bigfoot, so be watching for that on our YouTube channel.  Once it is released, I will link it down below.

From there, we went a little further north for a quick overnight stop at Sherman County RV Park.  There is nothing to say about this place other than it was a dang good price for a full hook-up site, and they had about the cleanest bathrooms and laundry room that we have ever seen on the road.

On to Beebe Bridge Park.  This is such a pretty campground right on the banks of the Columbia River in Orondo, WA, and it has to be one of the best maintained campgrounds we have ever seen.  The grass was lush and immaculately trimmed, There were beautiful trees all around, the bathrooms were very clean (almost as clean as Sherman County RV Park), and each site is thoroughly cleaned between each guest.  I think this is the only campground we have ever been to where we saw them spray down and clean the picnic tables between reservations.  The main guy who works here was extremely friendly and spent a bunch of time with us recommending places to see and eat in the area.  We had originally booked a two night stay here, but liked it so much that we went back and got two more nights.  The only negative thing we have to say about this campground is that it is right by the highway, so you get a lot of road noise.

While staying at Beebe Bridge Park, we spent most of our time just taking care of some chores and work in the camper.  We did drive into Chelan one day to see Lake Chelan.  It is the third deepest lake in the United States and is renowned for having very clear water and a beautiful blue color.  This is a major vacation destination around here.  There are beautiful (and very expensive) homes along the lakeshore along with many accommodations and attractions for tourists.  There are also a number of wineries nearby.  The day we were there, they were having some kind of boat races in the lake, so that was fun to stop and watch for a few minutes.

We will be heading into Canada within a week or so, so we are also trying to prepare for that.  We are on a quest to use up our firewood (which is not allowed across borders), so we had a fire last night, and we are also trying to eat up most of our produce and meat.  Each time we have gone into Canada it seems like they are targeting something different that you can’t bring into the country, so we are doing our best to not have anything that could be a problem.  We don’t want to have to throw away good food!

We aren’t sure what our plans are from now until we cross the border, but we will see what there is to see, probably get some work done, and hopefully get in some R&R.  We expect that once we cross, we will be in full-on tourist mode trying to see all Canada has to offer on the way to The Last Frontier, so now is the time to rest!

Until next time!

We added Washington!

4 thoughts on “Still Heading North”

  1. How glad are you that you know about Harvest Hosts? They’ve supplied you with some unique places to stay over the past few months!

    Also, I don’t know if you drink alcohol, but I’ve heard that you are limited in how much of that you can take across the border, too.

  2. If you’re like Richard you’ll just drink all the alcohol before crossing into Canada. You’re sure to have a talkative night and a headache the next morning.

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