We have had so much fun the last few days that we haven’t had time until now to get caught up on the blog!  It has been four days of spending time with some of the nicest people around, so we have a lot of shout outs in this one.  Let us catch you up!

Waiting in line at the Canadian border.

First, on Sunday, we entered Canada!  We had done a ton of research about what you can and can’t bring into Canada from the United States, and everything we read said they can be picky about produce, meat, and alcohol, so we were careful not to have much of those things with us. The border agent asked NOTHING about any of those things, nor did they search our rig or truck at all.  What they did ask is if we had health insurance that covered us while in Canada.  We did not.  Nothing we had read said anything about this being a requirement, so it was not something we had even considered, and the agent was ready to refuse us entry without it.  Luckily, our amazing insurance agent answered his phone (on Mother’s Day Sunday!) and was extremely quick to help us!  As a fellow full-time traveler who has visited Canada many times, he was shocked that this was being required.  At any rate, he immediately jumped into action and got us what we needed so we could be on our way!  Thanks, Mike!

After the minor delay, we continued on our way to our Harvest Hosts location at a vineyard for the night.  We enjoyed a wine tasting, and then a relaxing evening of trying not to sweat too much.  It seems that British Columbia is in the midst of a heat wave with above normal temperatures.  For most of our trip, we have experienced BELOW normal temps, so this has been a big change and our bodies don’t seem to know what to think about it!

On Monday, we had the great opportunity to tour the Bigfoot production facility!  The owner of the company took two hours out of his very busy schedule to visit with us and show us around.  He was such a genuinely nice person who patiently answered all our questions and took a real interest in seeing the modifications we had made to our trailer.  It was great to see the processes involved in creating these amazing campers and we really enjoyed the tour.  It was clear that the men and women who work there take great pride in their craftsmanship.  From our four years of ownership we already knew that Bigfoot campers are an extremely well-built product, and now, after our tour, we feel like we can also say that it is a company full of – and run by – a lot of wonderful people.  Grant, we so appreciate the time you spent with us!  You can bet that you will be hearing from us again when we are ready for a new rolling home!

After the tour, we headed a little further north to the home of our friends Don and Kelly.  We med Don and Kelly a few months ago when we were in Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument, and the four of us hit it off pretty quickly.  Before we parted ways at our first meeting, they invited us to come see them at their home in British Columbia on our way to Alaska.  They sure didn’t know what they were getting themselves into, huh?  We planned to spend one night, or two at the most, but we were having so much fun visiting with them and seeing the sights around their home, that we are still here, on our third night!  We hiked to the top of Enderby Cliffs, took a stroll to Margaret Falls, explored a bit around Shuswap Lake, ate multiple delicious meals together, took care of a few chores, laughed more than we have laughed in a long time, got to know some super people, enjoyed their beautiful property, and developed friendships that will last a lifetime.  It will be sad to leave tomorrow, but we are confident that our paths will cross again!  Don and Kelly, your hospitality over the last three days has been top notch, and your friendship is such a blessing to us!  Start planning your trip to Kentucky!  Or maybe Alaska in a few weeks?!

Tomorrow we continue our journey north, but not without some potential problems on the horizon.  There are some serious wildfires to the north, and currently, the Alaska Highway is closed.  We have a day or two before we have to make a decision about our route, but you can bet we will be watching what is happening closely in hopes that we can continue on with our plan to drive the highway we have heard so much about.  For now, our thoughts are with those whose homes and livelihoods are in danger because of the fires.  

This video shows the factory tour in a little more depth!

Until next time!

It’s too bad our map doesn’t include Canada!

5 thoughts on “Canada!”

  1. Did you see your next road home at the Bigfoot facility? Any specific kind of camper you would like to get into next?

    Didn’t they begin offering to other customers, some of the modifications you asked them to make when they were assembling your current rig?

    1. We will definitely move back into a truck camper next, and we have been so happy with the Bigfoot trailer, that the next truck camper will likely be a Bigfoot, also!

      They did start offering some of the mods we asked them to make to other customers afterward, and we were able to see that, as well as how those modifications have evolved over the last four years! It was pretty cool!

  2. Also, whenever I look at your map, I wonder why South Carolina is blank.

    We camped together near Walhalla, but I guess that was when you still had the Alaskan.

    Where did we camp when Jeff dumped water on poor Hudson?

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